Knitting Site Relaunch

Welcome to the new look Knitting Site!

I’m really excited about the new direction for the site and I’m planning on being much more involved on a day to day basis.

John (my husband and technical whizz) and I have spent the last few weeks moving the whole site onto a new platform. This gives me much more flexibility to add articles, patterns, videos and more, to help you with your knitting.

My upcoming plans include:

  • Demonstration videos of more complex stitches and techniques
  • The Knitting Know-How Newsletter where I’ll be answering your questions and sharing ideas with you
  • Reviews and recommendations of knitting related products I come across
  • Ideas to help you make money from your knitting
  • Interviews with knitting superstars
  • Building a community of knitting enthusiasts who help and encourage each other

Just a reminder – if you want to be notified whenever I add some new content then sign up on the right for the free report “50 Knitting Tips”. You’ll get immediate access to the report which will give you immediate, usable ideas to help your knitting. And you’ll be added to my Knitting Know-How Newsletter list. That way you’ll be the first to know of my new developments.

And do leave a comment.  I welcome feedback but I don’t welcome spammers so comments will be moderated.  Thank you for your understanding.


Happy Knitting

Knitting Site Relaunch

3 thoughts on “Knitting Site Relaunch

  1. Thanks you for the “50 Knitting tips” no 39 is a very usefull tip.I have been a knitter for a good many years and never realised knitting 2 tog got rid of this loop.

  2. Thank you for the 50 Knitting Tips. My fav is No. 17; I never even thought of crocheting the seams together. I am a slow and lousy crocheter, but I could do that! Because, really, who likes seaming?!

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