Do You Want To Learn To Knit?

… Increase Your Knitting Skills?

… Or Make Money From Your Knitting?

This site has been created to help you with all your knitting challenges.

Whether you’re completely new to knitting or a seasoned veteran I aim to bring you new skills and answers to your knitting problems.

I’m guessing you want to knit.  Maybe you want to make garments for yourself or your family; maybe you want to knit items for charity; maybe you want to start your own small business making and selling knitted items.

Once you’ve mastered the basic knitting skills a whole world of opportunity awaits you.

If you’ve ever had to rip back a piece of knitting you’ll know how frustrating that is.  I’m here to help you avoid making those kinds of mistakes. Make frogging just a bad memory!

“This is the absolute best video on this technique I have seen and the only one I could actually learn with! Thank you!!!”
KashaSue0153 (YouTube)

I can remember my first attempts at knitting.  I was just 5 or 6 years old.  My mother always had some knitting on the go and I wanted to be like Mum.

My first attempts were disasters.  Uneven tension, dropped stitches, split yarn, extra stitches.  I used to stop every few rows and count the stitches on my needles and they were never, ever the same number as I’d started with!

But I persevered. Soon I had the best dressed teddy in town with his red garter stitch scarf.

That was over 45 years ago.  Along the way I’ve learned a lot about knitting; about keeping the tension constant; about knitting with fancy yarns and with multiple colors.  I’ve learned how to knit Aran and Fairisle and Intarsia. These might just be words to you now but they are different styles of knitting which produce quite different results.

“Thanks for being so super clear with the instruction!”
thehitman665 (YouTube)

So if you want to learn to knit, or improve your knitting skills, take a look around at all the information I have for you.

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