How to Purl

This article shows you how to make the purl stitch when knitting. I am first showing the process with images and explanations. At the end of the article, you can find a video explanation.

Making The Purl Stitch

When making a purl stitch first ensure that the yarn is to the front of the work.

Then insert the right hand needle into the front of the stitch from the back towards the front.

Making a purl stitch - stage 1

Take the yarn and wrap it round the point of the right needle over away from you and then under towards you.

Making a purl stitch - stage2

Using the right needle point, pull the loop of yarn through the stitch to make a loop and allow the old stitch to slip off the end of the left needle.

Making a purl stitch - stage3

How to purl – Knitting Video

The following video shows the process on how to purl in detail. Just click on the play button below to start the video.

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