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Knitting Charting Paper

Have you ever tried to design a knitting chart using commercially available graph paper, only to knit it up and find the proportions are all wrong? This is because knitting stitches are not square but commercially available graph paper is!

The answer is my special charting paper. The ‘squares’ are rectangular just like knitting stitches.

In addition every 5 stitches are marked off with a heavier line so it’s very easy to count where you are when following a pattern.

I have created 2 different ratios to accommodate most knitting situations.

A ratio of 4:5 is where 4 stitches is the same length as 5 rows (or 40 stitches = 50 rows).

A ratio of 2:3 is where 2 stitches is the same length as 3 rows which is impossible to measure accurately so use 20 stitches = 30 rows.

Most knitting is nearer the 4:5 ratio, but knitting double and knitting with very thick yarn could be nearer to the 2:3 ratio. It is best to measure your tension (gauge) and calculate from there.

The graph for knitting files are .pdf files readable with Adobe Acrobat or your internet browser.
Choose whether you want letter size (8″x10″) or A4 size to fit with your printer.

Open the PDF files below, then right click on the file and select ‘Save As’ to save the files to print out as often as you like.

Illusion or Shadow Knitting Graph Chart

I was recently asked if I could produce graph paper marked out for designing “Illusion” patterns (also known as Shadow Knitting). The following charts are shaded and marked out specifically for those designs.

Turning an image into a knitting pattern design – KnitProPlus

If you have an image or a simple image file that you want to turn into a knitting design paper, check out our great tool KnitProPlus. With this tool, you can upload your own picture, select your desired grid size and stitch size and convert your image into your personal intarsia design. Check out KnitProPlus here.

If you are interested in finding out more about Illusion Knitting or Shadow Knitting, see Vivian Hoxbro’s book on the subject available from Amazon: Shadow Knitting. Or check our our full list of recommended knitting books. You can find an overview of our knitting intarsia designs and patterns here.

I hope you enjoy using this design charting paper and I would love to see any designs you create. Do contact me.

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